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Handmade craft Online shopping In India at Craftghar is very easy , Just add to cart the item you like, Proceed to the checkout, you can make payment with via credit/debit or net banking, we also have Cash on delivery( COD ) for Non customized products only. Just explore Indian handicrafts items, Homemade crafts under this collection with fair price and make purchase

The horizon of Indian handicrafts is a representative of of many hues and shades of meaning, reflective of interactions with social, economic, cultural and religious forces. Indian handicrafts, then, is situated in a complex milieu, a dense matrix of many strands and elements. Here at Craftghar we making our best efforts to showcase the creative potential of Indian craftsman and make available a collection of handicraft items which matches skills, materials, capabilities of Indian handicrafts maker. Products at Craftghar embody the craftsperson`s understanding that is structural, conceptual and aesthetic, just as craft is also an interrelation between function, form, material, process and meaning. The collection here at craftghar unveils the product not only as an end but also as a seed for new possibilities and directions, a creative potential and palette of resources.

Love for handmade finds its true match here!

Be it the corporate sectors or be it the residential ones, the imprints of urbanization are evident on the architecture and spacious interior arrangements. Despite the new residential bungalows and compact BHK flats spell ‘urban,’ the people residing in these have a fetish for anything and everything handmade. Putting a creative destination to your search of rarely beautiful home décor collectibles, the handcrafted antiques are still unbeatably soaring high. No matter what you are looking for, the collection of handicrafts displayed here at Craftghar puts up a luring variety fitting right to your taste.

Needle craft

The needle has always spun the unparalleled crafts of all time, and here is a fair share for your home décor as well. The handmade soft toys you find here are one of a kind as the yarns are so well spun that they seem to be real. Despite getting the beautiful wall hangings for your rooms, often the corners seem to be bare, and that’s where these soft toys fit in the best. The green tortoise seems to be a mossy ball tied spirally with threads. These unique articles are perfect for those who are not much into the shimmery and glossy collectibles.

Iron Handicrafts

From unusually beautiful wall hangings to the electric lamps, these iron articles are carved to complement the nook and corners of your abode. The glass and red, bowls embellished with golden wire work hung around a wrought iron clamp is a sufficing décor piece for your living area or even your dining table. This one just sets up the perfect mood when you host a traditional buffet at your home. The iron tea light holder set of four candle stands sets up a romantic, yet an uncommon ambience for your candle lit dinner. While you deck up your dining tables, also get the best of girls’ clothing to doll yourself up for the occasion.

Terracotta handicrafts

Well, the tag of handmade doesn’t only confine to home décor or food, if you are yet to discover the beauty of handmade terracotta jewelry, Craftghar brings you the best of it. Ethnic or western terracotta jewellery goes with all types of outfits. In soothing earthy tones, these can tone down the too glossy silk saris or kurtis. The floral maxi dresses or the flawless white attires of yours can be best paired up with these colourful neckpieces.

Bring home the colourful folk figurines of metal handicrafts and let a small piece of folk culture thrive in your ultra-modern interiors. Apart from handicrafts, you will also find various items of boys clothing and t-shirts here at this e-store. Also, the silver handicrafts present you the beautiful jewellery pieces along with home décor collectibles. Choose the rare items from here and plunge into the beauty of handmade with Craftghar.

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