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Craftghar is Well know brand for Indian handmade and handicrafts products , we have sold more than 90000+ products in last 5 years and growing strongly.  

Are you an artisans and manufacturers of Indian traditional clothing's, handicrafts, handmade items made of Ceramic , Brass, Wooden, metalware, terracotta  and more. You can start selling with us with any listed model to sell products with Us. 

A )  Warehouse Model ( Starting Engagement for trust, Start with small )  : 

  1. Ship ( Craftghar Chosen Products )  to our warehouse with good packing.
  2. Payment process only for sold units or  100% within 3 months  
  3. Damage or Refund is craftghar responsibility 
  4. Receive purchase order on regular basis 
  5. Shipping and logistic taken care by Craftghar
  6. Payment collation taken care by craftghar

B) Drop shipping model

  1. Supplier store the products, Pack with craftghar  branding. 
  2. Shipping taken care by craftghar 
  3. Payment collection taken care by craftghar 
  4. Weekly Invoice to craftghar ( payment within 7 Days ) 

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WhatsApp :  7982430067