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100% Cotton Naturally Dyed And Shibori Tie & Dye By The Ma

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100% Cotton Naturally Dyed And Shibori Tie & Dye By The Master Craftsmen Of Gujarat Indigo TShirt Size S.

Product id: 143957
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Product Overview
  • • Completely Hand Dyed and Shibori Tie Dye with Natural Indigo , Vegetable Dyes .No Harmful harsh Chemicals 100% Organic.
  • • Natural INDIGO, Size Small and 200 grams weight.
  • • 100 % Organic Premium Cotton
  • • Skilled workers with years of experience are required to carry about the processes of Natural Hand Dyeing and Shibori Tie Dyeing
  • • Indigo is a highly revered dye among the craftsmen. They believe that a cow that drinks the solution becomes stronger and that if they eat with Indigo-stained hands, there won’t be any problems with the food or digestion. They say that Indigo has the powe

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    Comfortability is an inherent characteristic of cotton made clothing. It is weather resistant yet provides breath ability between clothes & skin. Being comfortable to wear, many prefer cotton fabrics when it comes to Casual wear .

    Care Free Summers with Comfortable to wear, cotton fabrics Casual wear T-Shirt with thread embroidery & Shibori Tie Dyed.
    Fabrics: Cotton
    DYE: Indigo ( Indigoferra Tinctoria)
    ART: Shibori Tie Dyed..

    Collar & V Neck.

    SIZE: S ( For now :) )


    Know Your Art :

    Delve Into The Dainty Beauty Of Shibori Printed TShirts @ rangamaati:-

    Originating from Japan, Shibori is a traditional art form, which involves a tie-dye technique to produce beautiful patterns. This concept has been applied to cloth and has resulted in unique and beautiful patterned Shibori TShirts

    The method of printing a Shibori is an enigma in itself as it follows a creative and exciting method. Traditionally, pieces of string are used to tie the cloth, which is then dyed. After the dye has dried, the strings are cut and the result is a beautiful pattern known as Shibori. Each pattern of Shibori is unique as the tying cannot be done with complete accuracy.

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