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The mixed feelings of going to a new class

The nervousness of going to a new class, joy of making new friends, eagerness of studying and learning from new books and the enthusiasm of taking a new lunch box for the new session is priceless and incomparable. With every new session and class every child loves and wants to take a new pencil box, new pencils, new school bag, new bottle and other things that form a part of the school essentials. Among all the excitement of buying new school combo sets, covering the new books, buying new stationery there is fear among the children and troubles in their mind regarding the new class, the new teacher, the new subjects and the new course. So just like the parents make sure that they buy all the school essentials for their kids in the same way they should also explain them to follow a few things in life that would help them excel in their studies and do well in every sphere of life.

How to do well in class?

· Focus- This is something of utmost importance; it is necessary for a child to be attentive in class and to try and concentrate on lessons being taught by the teacher as only then will a child be able to perform well.

· No mugging up- As one goes in higher in classes the lessons become lengthy and difficult so mugging up is something that would not help then. A child should be taught how to understand the concepts; if the concepts are clear then there will never be the need of mugging up anything. Clarity in concepts is essential for profound learning.

· Make notes- This is something we all as adults would vouch for; making notes is the best thing to do. Making notes makes learning easy and as you will keep writing down the notes the lessons would automatically get stored in your brains.

There are the things that all the children should follow and do but a child can only fair well in life with the constant support and love of their family. So, parents should try and give them toys, action figures, Barbie dolls, playing cards and board games to boost their moral and to make them happy and joyful but they should also make them understand how important it is for them to stay focused and serious in life.